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*Price on Tree Diagnosis Consultation May Vary

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Tree Removal

Assessing tree’s health, identifying potential hazards, and developing a plan to safely cut it down.

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Tree Trimming

Selectively removing branches and limbs from a tree for purposes of maintaining its health, shape, and safety.

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Stump Removal

Complete removal of stump and its roots from ground to improve appearance of property, and prevent regrowth.

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Storm Damages

Quick action in assessing damage, removal of hazardous limbs or trees as needed to ensure safety.

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Tree Cables/Bracing

Strengthening weak or vulnerable branches or trunks, preventing limb damage and reducing risk of tree failure.

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Tree Fertilization

Assess the tree’s nutrient needs and develop fertilization plan specific to the tree’s species, size, and location.

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Mulch Installation

Adding a layer of organic material to promote healthy root growth and protect trees from stress and disease.

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EAB Treatment

Pest control methods to prevent or manage infestations of the Emerald Ash Borer.

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Tree Planting

Assessing site, selecting suitable species, providing initial care, to ensure successful establishment and growth of the tree.

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Tree Diagnosis

Identifying and assessing a tree’s health, vitality, and structural integrity through visual inspection, and soil analysis.

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